City of Gainesville

Case study


Located in Texas, City of Gainesville is a government entity that provide mechanisms to enforce laws, arbitrate conflicts, and mediate differences among citizens.

The Challenge: Long Recovery Time,
Lacked Disaster Recovery

The City of Gainesville, Texas, had been using Backup Exec as their backup and recovery solution. Kevin Kelcey, the Director of IT at the City of Gainesville, was frustrated about the arduously long time to recover data. Their current solution was also lacking features, and they needed a disaster recovery option that’s able to bring up protected node in a virtual environment.


The Solution: A “Simple and Intuitive”

When evaluating backup and recovery solutions, City of Gainesville considered Unitrends and Quorum. Kevin decided against Unitrends because they are backup by default, whereas Quorum is focused on instant recovery by default. Plus, Unitrends became very expensive after configuring it to spin up sufficient servers in a DR instance. Additionally, Unitrends’ configuration process was difficult and lengthy, whereas Quorum was simple and intuitive.


The Results: Faster and More Robust
BDR Using Less Resources

Prior to implementing Quorum, testing a complete backup beyond just restoring a couple of files was a long and painful task. Now, Kevin likes how Quorum automatically checks the ability to bring up the protected node and “make sure DR at least starts.” Being able to spin up protected nodes on Quorum OnQ appliance is one of the key features that Kevin could not live without.

With Quorum, City of Gainesville has faster individual file recovery, which had brought noticeable efficiency in the long government work process. When asked how Quorum has impacted your long term goals, Kevin responded that he is especially delighted that Quorum covers both backup and disaster recovery in one solution. They no longer need to spend additional time and resources on backup and recovery, both on maintenance and on planning.

“Prior to Quorum, testing a complete backup and recovery process beyond just restoring a couple of files was a long painful task.”




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