Trinity Logistics Company

Case study


Trinity Logistics is a leading 3PL (third party logistics) company specializing in freight arrangement and supply chain solutions. Trinity has Regional Service Centers and Agent Offices throughout the United States serving customers, large and small.

The Challenge: Unreliable and
Expensive Backups with Long
Recovery Time

Trinity Logistics had been using Backup Exec to DLT tape as their backup and recovery solution. Steve Denger, the IT Manager at Trinity Logistics, found Backup Exec to be unreliable, and their backup to tapes were expensive and could not be verified. When testing data recovery, they found that their recovery time was days. There was also no indication as to whether their tape backups would be reliable when they’re needed for recovery.


The Solution: Better Functionality and
Efficiency Over Unitrends and Veeam

When evaluating backup and recovery solutions, Steve considered Veeam, Unitrends, and Quorum. Quorum quickly rose to be their top pick. “None are able to compete with the functionality and efficiency of Quorum. My data center keeps trying to sell me on buying their Veeam solution. When I asked them what their RTO time is, and they say 8-12 hours, I laugh and say I can do that with my Quorum in 2 minutes.”


The Results: Faster and More Reliable
Recovery, Less Dependence on
Hosting’s Infrastructure

After implementing Quorum, Trinity Logistic’s backup and recovery capabilities significantly expanded. Not only can they easily backup their central location servers, they can also efficiently backup their remote location servers. As opposed to a blind backup scenario before, Quorum’s OnQ HA/DR appliances verified that their data are replicated, and the reports and alerts kept Steve constantly tuned-in to the performance and health of the appliances. Recovery of files and folders were simple, extremely fast, and efficient.

Quorum also helped Trinity Logistics minimize risk and decrease their reliance on their hosting company’s infrastructure. “I utilize hosted VMware servers for my server VM’s. But to have my Quorum OnQ appliance co-located at our data center, I have complete control over the backups, and I am not dependent on the hosting company’s infrastructure. If their SAN or VMware fails, I have the confidence that my Quorum can spin up vital services while they chase problems in their system. I also do not have to deal with the hassle of the data center’s DR solution of failing over to another data center and the routing and DNS issues that comes with that.

One feature that Steve cannot live without is Quorum’s instant recovery, whether on the file level, file sharing, or spinning up a recovery node in production or the built in sandbox option. That’s because Quorum gives Steve the “flexibility to adapt to problems in the most efficient manner, versus having only one approach.” What really impressed Steve was Quorum OnQ’s performance and capabilities. “We have had several servers fail and Quorum was able to spin up the server in recovery mode on the OnQ and we ran off that recovery node for weeks. Truly a life saver. Plus, I like that the platform is very forgiving and flexible. I have over-extended my deployed considerably. My OnQ was designed for 10 or so servers and I have upwards of 20 servers running backups. I have squeezed out every dollar of value from my OnQ, and they still keep delivering.”

Trinity Logistic’s backup and recovery process is now highly efficient. “There’s no manual intervention. The set it and forget it approach is fantastic and generally, it runs itself… Not having to babysit my backup solution, and knowing that it fully incorporates and delivers reliable DR saves me time, money and worry so I can focus on bigger issues at work.”

“We have had several servers fail and Quorum was able to spin up the server in recovery mode on the OnQ and we ran off that recovery node for weeks. Truly a life saver.”



Backup Exec



Veeam, Unitrends