Summit Bank

Case study


Summit Bank is an independent community bank headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. Since its founding in 2004, Summit Bank has grown to over $340 million in assets.

The Challenge: Lack of High

Summit Bank had been using HP Cloud Backup to protect their clients’ data as well as all of their financial and internal data. When Darryl Dare came onboard as the VP Director of Information Technology, he found the HP Cloud Backup to be easy use. However, it lacked a critical functionality – High Availability. Server recovery time was long enough to disrupt daily operations and the high volume of financial transactions each day. They needed a solution that provides immediate availability to spin-up a VM from a backup.


The Solution: Reliable and Easy-to-Use

Summit Bank began their search for a High Availability solution to replace HP Cloud Backup. Their top requirement were easeof-use and more importantly – reliability. Datto and Quorum was evaluated side by side. Summit Bank eventually selected Quorum because of easeof-use, fast recovery, and superb community reviews. At the evaluation stage, Darryl was especially impressed on how Quorum backs up and immediately spins up a VM from backup within minutes.


The Results: Reduced Risk and Impact
of a VM Failure with Above and Beyond

Over the years, Quorum’s functionality and support still impress Summit Bank. The automatic testing of backups has proven extremely accurate and reliable, which freed Summit Bank’s staff from countless hours compared to their previous solution. As Darryl puts it: Quorum’s solution allows them to “set it and forget it. I like that the product just works.”

Functionality aside, the attentiveness of Quorum’s customer support staff really impressed Darryl and his staff. To better attend to an issue, “[Quorum’s] Eugene, Oregon support staff has literally walked over to my office, 2 blocks away, to assist in-person with an issue.”

With Quorum, VM failure is no longer a stressful event for Summit Bank’s IT staff.

“[Quorum’s] Eugene, Oregon support staff literally walked over to my office, 2 blocks away, to assist in-person with an issue.”



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