AC Controls Company

Case study


Founded in 1960, AC Controls is a provider of industrial control valves & valve instruments, systems integration services, combustion & process control systems to the Process & Power Industries.

The Challenge: Limited In-Appliance


AC Controls had been using Unitrends R-813 to protect all of their critical business data. Though Unitrends passed their basic requirements as a backup and recovery solution, it fell short in several key features. Specifically, Unitrends had limited in-appliance resources for spinning up recovery nodes. Further, there was no in appliance test network. Because of this, Kevin Staley, the MIS Administrator at AC Controls Company, had little confidence on whether Unitrends will work when it needs to.



The Solution: Robust Feature Sets at a Competitive Price


When evaluating other backup and recovery solutions, Kevin considered Dell EMC, Veeam, and Quorum. What brought Quorum on top was Quorum’s robust feature sets at a competitive cost. According to Kevin, “The feature set matched our needs very well. The interface was easy to navigate, and the recovery nodes and schedules were intuitive to configure.”



The Results: Alleviated Burdens and a Greater Sense of Confidence


After implementing Quorum’s solution, AC Controls improved their whole backup and recovery process. They can now do in-appliance testing of any or all protected servers any time they want, and are confident in their Disaster Recovery plan , which they were not comfortable with before. They can also do off-site storage of backups in the cloud with Quorum, whereas before, backups were saved to hard drives and placed in a vault. The can also do off-site disaster recovery testing via virtual recovery nodes, in the cloud as well, which was also not possible before. Lastly, they could spin up all the recovery nodes that are crucial to their infrastructure in the on-premise appliance and be confident in they would perform well, whereas before, they could only spin up a very limited number of recovery nodes.

 Armed with more tools and feature sets, Kevin can now proudly say that AC Controls have the means to sustain IT continuity for business. When asked what features of Quorum could you not live without, Kevin replied, “in-appliance testing, and cloud and off-site storage and recovery. They instill a greater sense of confidence in the solution we have trusted our data and business to. In terms of performance, it has alleviated the burden of managing an enterprise-level DR solution in the context of a small business with limited IT staff.” Aside from Quorum’s robust features, reliability, and performance, Kevin was especially impressed by Quorum’s prompt and professional technical support, and the annual system health checks. “It is a relief to have [Quorum’s] support perform system upgrades, and to know that when something happens that needs their assistance, someone will investigate and resolve the issue promptly. The account reps have been very friendly and attentive to our needs. They make themselves available to us, and are eager to be a liaison to any other of the divisions within Quorum.”

“In February of 2018, a network share containing crucial financial data was accidentally deleted. The share was part of a backup on one of our servers. I was able to restore the data within 30 minutes, minimizing the business impact to the initial loss.”






Dell EMC, Veeam



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